Friday, May 20, 2011

Purse from kids top - clothes upcycling challenge day 20

Today's quick upcycle project is from a very small top that no longer fits either daughter - and they've grown out of the character depicted on it too!  Perhaps another - "why did I keep this one??"
Still - it was in my box, so I made this little purse:

Nice and cute!
Here's the top I used (sorry forgot to take a picture before I started cutting!)

And this tiny zip that seemed too small for anything..

But was just perfect for this tiny Dorothy the Dinosaur purse!

I have a 2 year old niece who I'm sure will appreciate this - and her hands will be small enough to reach through the zip to put her little treasures inside!

That's it for today.  Only 11 days left of my challenge - and my box is getting emptier and emptier!  I"m wondering why I kept some things for so long - mental note to upcycle immediately and not procrasinate for years with future clothes items!
But I'm learning lots as I go which is great!

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  1. Adorable - that's the smallest zip on the planet. Perfect for a 2 year old - she will love it!

  2. Yes! She will love that purse!!
    How cute

  3. I am constantly amazed by your creativity!


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