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Creating Success around the World - Angie from Maille Addicted

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Today's guest is Angie Mack from 
    in Adelaide, Australia
My name is Angie Mack and I create chain mail jewellery from my home in metropolitan Adelaide. Originally, I was making beaded jewellery but was never really satisfied with the results so started looking for ways to both enhance my creations and make them a little more unique. I was intrigued by both wire-wrapping techniques and chain mail but haven't looked back since making my first chain.

I've always had a strong desire to create, and for most of my life that has manifested in fiction writing, which also branched out into other writing pursuits like music reviews. Over the years I also dabbled here and there with various hand crafts - primarily decoupage, papier mache and embossing aluminium sheets. Jewellery is something I've found myself doing almost as a coincidence, as it started with an idea I had for the artwork and packaging for a CD I was lucky enough to be involved in designing. That triggered several other ideas and they just kept getting bigger, so I ran with it.

I was fortunate in many ways, as I had already established myself on eBay selling clothing and other fashion accessories, so it was a fairly natural progression to introduce jewellery, though very nerve-wracking as well, as up until that point the items I sold weren't my own creations.

It's taken quite a long time - and a lot of trial and error - to both consistently be able to create jewellery I'm confident offering for sale, and to learn how to do some of the more technical, business side of things (taking good photos of a bracelet is a skill quite different to taking shots of a dress or handbag). 

One of the most important things I learned very early on from putting my work on public display, and therefore opening it up to public critique, is that it's Ok if someone doesn't like it. It used to be really hard to take if someone said they didn't like something, but eventually I realised that you just can't take someone's taste personally. Art thrives on diversity and people seeing things differently. That doesn't mean you can let pride get in the way of recognising flaws in your work, though - often one criticism is more beneficial than 100 compliments.

While the jewellery side of things probably wouldn't be sustainable on its own from a purely business perspective, so far I've been really happy with the response to my designs. It's both humbling and encouraging to know that people like the work enough to buy it.

 I recently opened a new store on Made It

dedicated entirely to the chain mail, as well as established a photo blog/portfolio ( and Facebook page ( in an attempt to not just create awareness of my work, but the craft in general.

One of the challenges to that is the name itself - a lot of the time when people hear the words "chain mail jewellery" they think of big, chunky gothic or punk jewellery. Some of the weaves definitely lend themselves well to those styles (and I certainly do make some), but there's hundreds of weaves that are incredibly versatile and can be used for beautiful, refined and very contemporary pieces.

In the future, I hope to be able to use some of my other crafting skills to create my own custom-made jewellery and trinket boxes to sell alongside the chains. Having the idea and intention is one thing, finding the time in between all the other ideas and plans is another, but that's the one thing I really want to see realised at some point. Along with that, I'd really like to just keep building on what I'm doing. Eventually I also want to be set up so that I can make all of my own rings at home, as that will make working with precious metals like sterling silver more cost-effective, which would be fantastic as it's such a beautiful metal.

Thanks Angie for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us!
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  1. You are so talented Angie, we are very proud of you.

  2. Love the jewelry!! I can make only basic chain maille stuff so am checking our her blog to learn more now..


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