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Creating Success around the World - Sally from Razzle Dazzle

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Today's guest is Sally from Razzle Dazzle
    in South Australia

Hello, my name is Sally and I’m currently living in Hope Valley, not far from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. I have online store where I sell handmade gifts. It is called Razzle Dazzle (

I create because creativity is built into my nature. I can’t stop! Creating things energises me on the inside and fills me with satisfied joy.

I’m trained as an Early Childhood teacher, but in recent times I’ve worked as a pastry chef and an administrator. I’m single and enjoy the adventure of moving and experiencing life in other places.
I lived in England for a number of years, and upon my return to Australia in 2010, I went back to College. I completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Creative Writing) with the aim of becoming a freelance writer and author.  I quickly realised that establishing myself as a writer would take a long time...and much hard work. Another source of income was necessary. The desire to begin my own business grew and grew. But what kind of business? Cake making? Dog walking? Then I stumbled upon the website called Madeit (, a website for selling handmade items. Excitement filled my heart. Handmade Craft: that’s what I wanted to do.

Small, fiddly, intricate creations made with a touch of Razzle Dazzle - that’s what I love to make! Thus, a few months ago Razzle Dazzle was born.
I decided to create critters and other handiwork from felt, as well as Barbie outfits. I could see a niche market for the latter. There don’t seem to be as many Barbie outfits around nowadays (compared with my childhood). When I made my first Barbie dress, it surprised me just how fiddly they were to sew, but I was determined to succeed, and they became easier with practise.

Then I created my first felt mouse, Mister Mousy, and discovered that people loved him! Other members of the Mousy family began to make their way into my store...and now they (and other critters) just keep coming.

Razzle Dazzle is still in its infancy, but the challenge of maintaining my own business is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Connecting with other people who maintain online craft businesses has been valuable.  The Madeit website has a forum, and it’s been a helpful resource whenever I’ve been unsure of anything. I’m sure there are similar craft forums out there in the online world.

In recent weeks I’ve discovered the value of setting up a Facebook page for my business ( This has opened up my business to new contacts and new customers. It takes some effort, but I can’t recommend utilising Facebook enough.

In the near future, I hope to start selling a few recipes in my Razzle Dazzle store. I’ve started creating some recipe documents filled with delicious photos and instructions to make decadent cakes.
And the popularity of my mice has seeded another idea – a picture book about the Mousy Family. It might be time to pull out my watercolour paints!
I also have website called Pearlygate’s Fonts (

I’m learning as I go, but my hope is that my wee business, alongside my writing, becomes profitable enough to provide a liveable income. It’s probable that I’ll move interstate soon and begin part-time work as a cook. But...the rest of the time will be given to my other creative pursuits of writing and sewing. Razzle Dazzle is here to stay!

Thanks  for your lovely answers Sally- and for sharing your beautiful work with us!  Your attitude and motivation certainly is inspiring!
Do go and visit  Sally's Madeit shop and check out more of her wonderful creations!


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