Monday, July 2, 2012

A Round Tuit 108

This past week I finally got A ROUND TO something that has needed done in weeks if not months.  All thanks to this visitor we had at our front door one day..
A 2m scrub python!!  
Fortunately it slithered away and over the fence, but it made me think of this hole we have in the security screen at our back door..
Just snake size......

So finally I got out the 'new' roll of screen fabric that I bought AGES ago..

And my tool box, and finally got the job done!!

So thank you Mr. Snake for the push to get A ROUND TUIT!!

How about you?
What have you got A ROUND TO this week?

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Tuits are very hard to come by, especially the round ones. For years people have been saying, "I'll do it as soon as I get a round tuit". Well now you can have one of your very own, and all those jobs that have needed doing will finally get done!

Here's my favourites from last week's party:
First of all, these fun ice blocks from Making it feel like home:

Such a fun summer idea for the kids!
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Next, this idea of quotes on photos from Senora Says So:
I love this idea for using personal photos and matching them up with relevant and inspiring quotes!
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Finally, another great personalised gift idea - 
this football helmet from Take Time for Lemonade:
Homemade gifts are definitely the best - so personal, unique and thrifty too!
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  1. Okay, I just fainted at the sight of that snake. Oh my!!! Nothing like that creeps around in NL!!

    1. Yeah - I nearly fainted too Esther! I know we have lots of scary wildlife here - but you don't generally see it at your front door!!

  2. Thank you so much for hosting, Jill!

  3. Eeeek! What kind was he? Glad you got your screening fixed. Thanks for hosting, J!

    1. It was a scrub python - an older couple were walking past at the time it was there and told us it was probably looking for small animals to eat - not poisonous and not dangerous to us thankfully!!

  4. That snake would have finished me off! I would have been packing up, or just leaving! Thanks for hosting...

    1. Ha ha! I tell you Ellen - I'm checking round every corner before I walk just now!!

  5. Definitely not something I'd want to see right outside my door!! I don't even like seeing them on tv!

    Thanks for hosting. I love this linky many great ideas!

    Have a happy 4th

  6. Thanks so much for the feature, Jill! And thanks for hosting!

  7. I think you would have heard me screaming from all the way around the world if that thing showed up on my porch!! YIKES! Thanks so much for hosting!

  8. I don't like snakes! I see them when I am hiking sometimes but not in my yard. That's a creepy picture of him on the fence. Yikes!

  9. Oh my seeing snakes make me cringe thankfully we don't see them too often here. Those screen doors always seem to break don't they at least now it's all fixed it will keep snakes at bay.. My hubby is the one who has been the most productive but not quite creative doing a bit of painting this weekend. Enjoy your week on holidays.

  10. I probably would have run in the opposite direction after seeing that snake!! So glad you fixed the door!!
    Wishing you a fantastic (snake-free!) day:)

  11. A sn .. I almost fell off my chair, I'm terrified of snakes and would not have mesh but applied concrete on my door. Well, at least you have the job done.
    Thank you for your hospitality and I hope you will have a great week!

  12. Snakes scare me to death. Can't stand to even look at pictures of them. Glad you got that fixed! Thanks for hosting!

  13. That is one scary looking snake! Geesh!
    At any rate, good morning and thanks for hosting the party. I have a tutorial on how to Freeze Beans (#43) and why you should avoid canned beans which are lined with BPA. They're easy to prepare beforehand and freeze for later use. Plus, they're cheap! Have a great day!

  14. Holy Smokes! How did you stand around to take a pix? I would be screaming hysterically! The camera would have been the LAST thing on my mind!


  15. Nothing like a giant snake to get things moving! Thanks for hosting!

  16. Eww! I know how you feel though! I have had TWO snakes come in through an AC vent two separate times! We thought we closed up all the holes in the duct work the first time but apparently missed some! Hopefully it wont happen again! Creepy!

  17. You know at first glance when I looked at the photo of the fence with the snake on top, I thought the fence was an elephant and the 2 knot holes were the elephant's eyes looking up at the snake and the 2 boards in the middle was the elephant's trunk. I had to really look to see that it was a just a fence.

  18. Holy Cow! If I saw that at my front door, I would faint! I am scared to death of snakes! And that was a big one. Fortunately around here, all we see are the little garter snakes and not very often.

    Thanks so much for the linky!


  20. I'm a new follower and I just have to say...that snake is NOT ok! Yikes!

  21. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments - and for linking up! Fortunately we haven't seen a snake since! :)

  22. Hi Jill,
    Glad you got the snake issue taken care of..on the other hand, when I saw your tutorials for a Round Tuit, I thought, YES, I found the directions to make a Round my suprise it wasn't LOL,,I can't seem to remember how to make a Round you?? and if so can/would you please make a tutorial on a Round Tuit with cotton fabric?? Please let me know if you do,,thanks so much...Linda J VA

  23. Thank you so very much for hosting! Have a truly blessed week.


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