Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Upcycled plastic bottle crochet hanging pots

It's been a while since my daughter and I did any crochet. We're still very much beginners - but like to practise and experiment.

I had this idea I wanted to try out with plastic bottles!

First I cut the bottom part off two empty washed out bottles:

Then I punched holes around the top edge of each one:

Finally - I took one, my daughter took the other, and we crocheted around the top, going through the holes as we went round, then added handles:

Very cute don't you think?

I've filled mine with pens and hung it by my desk:

My elder daughter saw them and thought they would make cute Halloween trick or treat baskets - or perhaps Easter baskets!

They'd also be cute as perhaps treat bags for parties - or Christmas!

We even thought they might make cute little hanging herb planters.

I think I might upcycle all our plastic bottles like this for a while!

What do you think?
What else could you use them for?


  1. Those are fab! Really adorable, and useful for so many things - but I really truly love the office supplies holder idea.

    1. Thanks Mich! I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

  2. Fab idea, Jill! I have old bottles, and crochet with me :) Such a lovely and quick project to make, and yea, you are right, to be used in many ways!

  3. Well done Jill!!!!!
    Marisa from

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