Friday, October 7, 2011

First week's progress towards goals

Last week I set my goals for October.
I think it's important when you have goals - to be constantly checking and reassessing to make sure you're on track.
Looking at what I've achieved this week - I'm pretty happy with my progress.

(Incidentally, if you're wondering about the photos.......while I was checking my blog progress - I thought I'd check our pineapple's progress too - providing some photos for this post!!
 We have 12 growing in all at the moment - above is the biggest so far - still has I think another few weeks of growth in it!  And below is the smallest - very cute - it's trying hard!!)

Anyway - back to what I've achieved with my blog!
Well - this week I've reorganised by blog a little (maybe you noticed?)
  • I've set up my ad spaces, using this tutorial for adding a table of pictures and tweaking it using some of the html I'm learning from my free online course - supplemented by googling specifics!
  • I've also drafted an email to potential sponsors ready to send next week.
  • I've started using Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter more.
  • Been reading up most days on blog growth and action I can take - (I'm just working out the details for setting up my own commenting tribe)
  • I've added my duffel bag pattern to my etsy shop - and am ready to read Suzy's series on how to sell successfully on etsy!
  • I've launched a big promotion plan for our Wednesday Creating Success Worldwide Hop! I'm hoping this will pay off and give us a real boost next week! With over 150 emails going out - I have all my fingers and toes crossed!!
  • Plus I'm managing to keep up with my daily posts and sewing - making more tutorials and upcycling more clothes!

Phew! Not bad for the first week of October.  But I've got to keep the momentum going now and keep pushing and learning.

Next week is going to be BUSY! Lots to do - plus the following week my parents arrive from the UK, so I need to be organised for when they come! 

What have you achieved this week?
 I believe it's important to celebrate and mark our achievements - both big and small!



  1. You Go Girl! Whew! I'm tired just reading what you've accomplished!!

  2. I think I am feeling inspired! Now that I've finished THE WORST TUTORIAL EVER maybe I can get some organizing going today...

  3. Wow - you are a beast! I am always marveling at your boundless energy!


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