Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goodies for me!

This morning my parents arrived from England! They come over to visit us here in Australia most years and stay for several weeks. They haven't been out for over a year - so it's really good to see them again!

Mum taught me to sew - and I still have lots to learn from her - so I'm hoping we can spend some sewing time together over the next few weeks!

They brought out lots of goodies for us and the kids.
Lots of books for the kids - including many I had when I was little - The Thirteen Clocks I'm particularly looking forward to reading again!  I remember I loving it as a child ! 
There's a box of Shreddies breakfast cereal for my husband, clothes for the kids - but best of all for me - were these from Mum:


and Buttons....

LOTS AND LOTS of them!!

Can't wait to get started!!


  1. What a special time for you Jill. I hope you and your parents have a lovely time. Hope the weather clears quickly. How much fun all those lovely buttons.

  2. Enjoy your time with your parents, Jill. Lucky you receiving all those zips and buttons.

  3. Sounds lovely :) Hope they didnt bring you a Christmas pudding ;) Even though I live in London, English cuisine is not my fav... the buttons are cool though!

  4. aww! how great that your parents are out-have a fabulous time with them!


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