Monday, October 10, 2011

A Warning

Have you heard of people copying and pasting entire posts from someone else's blog into their own - without asking prermission?  I had heard of this happening, but until today did not have any first hand experience of it.  I was shocked to see someone would really do this, and it did make me a little more aware of taking steps to protect my work.

A couple of steps from my own Top 10 Blogging tips page:

4. Copyright your work
You may want to ensure that your work stays your own by adding a copyright to your blog. I registered with 'my free copyright' which now automatically copyrights each post that is published and emails me with the reference for that post. Once you've registered (free) you also get a my free copyright button to display on your blog to let everyone know you've taken steps to protect your work!

5. Protect your photos
You may also want to protect your own photos from being copied. To do this you can add a watermark of your blog name, your name, or whatever you wish. Picmarkr is one free site that allows you to upload your photos and add watermark, then save them back when you're done.


I am registered with my free copyright - but must admit to being lazy and not watermarking my own photos.  Well no more will I be lazy in this respect!

That is what I learned today and as such spent a little extra time watermarking the pictures for my tutorial post tomorrow.

I know that you all put a lot of work into tutorials, photos and writing blog posts .  Please protect your work as best you can!

I'll certainly be taking more care from now on!


  1. Oh Jill, so sorry to hear that you have had this experience. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Wow, Jill, thank you for the heads up! I just went and registered. Have a great week!

  3. Now that's vile. I'm a webeditor en journalist and unfortunately I deal with this stuff way too often. I guess what doesn't help is that everyone is on the interweb these days (in the days where there were just magazines and newspapers it was much easier to protect copyright) and it's tough to check everything. Ugh. Good luck.

  4. I haave heard that this happens and I think sometimes all to often. In fact yesterday I was browsing a group on yahoo I am a member of. Was checking out their newly posted pictures and found a few posted that I had just read in a blog. I could not remember what blog but almost every picture posted came from that blog. And no mention from where it came from. I was a bit shocked.

    Thank you for posting this and I am definatley going to redo some of my things.


  5. I guess I'm naive.... I have never heard of this!! Thank you so much for the heads up. I watermark my photos 80% of the time but I guess I really need to be more disciplined and do it all the time.

  6. Oh my goodness! That is horrible. I am so sorry about that. I mean it wasn't even like they were featuring you. They literally took it and made it their own. That is just wrong. I can't believe it!

  7. also I do the copyright and I water mark my photos. Best ever, especially with picture of the littles

  8. Sorry to hear that you have had this experience Jill. I think it happens way more than we hear about.

    Michelle :o)


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