Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 New Goals, New Plans

I'm a great believer in setting goals and having plans, so here are mine for 2012!

1. To learn how to use everything we own, from my sewing machine and overlocker, which have many functions I've never explored; to my pasta maker which hasn't even made it out of its box since I received it as a gift over one year ago!  I have a cupboard full of recipe books - but we still have the same meals, cakes and biscuits each week... Then there's the computer and my smart phone, not to mention all the books which haven't been read and the games that haven't been played!  This year I'm going to use things!

As I work my way through this goal throughout the year, I aim to declutter and organise our house and our lives!

2. To make use of my fabric stash which seems to grow bigger each year!

3. To learn more about sewing - try new techniqes and improve ones I already know!

4. To continue to grow my blog - Creating my way to Success, and to apply what I've learnt to grow and expand my other blog - Be Our Best. 
To allow me to continue to blog, create and sew full-time, I am aiming to earn $1000 per month through my blogs.
(Currently I get around $50 per month!)

5. Finally - my fitness goal.  Each year I run in the local Pyramid Race. My current best time is 2hrs 39 mins. This year I want to go under 2 hours. (A BIG improvement so I know I'm going to have to work really hard!!) This should give me a good chance of placing in the top 3 in the open female category.
(the last year I can enter in this category as I will be turning 40 in 2013!)

There you go! This is what I WILL achieve this year! I'm excited, motivated and ready to jump in and give it my all!

How about you?  What are your goals and plans for the year? How will you stick to them?  I'm putting mine out here on the blog to keep myself accountable! I shall blog my progress throughout the year, sharing what I learn and my achievements!  I hope you'll join me - and let me know your goals so I can come and check up on you too!

Best wishes for a fabulous 2012! Let's make it a good one!


  1. Good luck with your fitness goal (and all the other ones). I've just started on a fitness journey and my current goal is 5km in 30 minutes by May. Once I reach that I'll see what's next.

    I'm off to write up my craft goals on my blog now!!

  2. We have very similar intensions for the new year. My main project is declutter and organize so I have more room to craft :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. All good goals, Jill!!! #1: I still have to learn how to use my 4 month old overlocker... a must for 2012.
    #2: I used a lot of my stash in 2011, but somehow the stash is larger than before. Magic... LOL!!!
    #3: I'm always trying to learn more about lots of things.
    #4: I achieved my first goal of 2012 last night and set up a link party, with a different theme each week. The first week is a link list of bags and totes. I hope you'll come over and add all the fabulous bags you've made.
    #5: I started Zumba last year and love it!!! This year I'll be doing it again. I'm hoping to maintain and improve my fitness while classes are on a break during January.
    Happy New Year!!! I know you WILL achieve your goals.

  4. These are great goals Jill. I know I should join you in using that pasta machine too. I got mine as a birthday gift last year, its out of the box but hasn't been used yet but you've motivated me to give it a go. Good luck with your goals I'll enjoy watching your progress. Have a very Happy Year. x

  5. All the best for your new year resolution...especially the fitness one...:)
    My list goes the same way as yours...
    It was the same last year too... but I couldnt fulfill my resolutions like doing yoga and such...;)
    But am hoping this year's going to be a bit different....:)
    Happy New year

  6. Great goals! I started decluttering and organizing the other day. I need to lose some weight. I had managed to keep it off for nearly a decade and my youngest daughter gets pregnant and I gained more than she did. :) I also want to start earning with my blogs, too.
    Good luck with your goals. I enjoy reading your posts.


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