Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creating Success around the World - Karmann from KM Crafts

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Today's guest is Karmann from KM Crafts
Mornington in Victoria,


What do I Create?
Polymer Clay Mushroom Earrings

I play around with creating Polymer Clay jewellery as well as doing some bag making. I love to do cross stitching too when i have the time.

I am still very new to the world of polymer clay but it is a medium that i have really come to enjoy over the past few months and am working out new techniques and trying to come up with new designs for how i can use it

Fabric Christmas Decoration

Why do i Create?
Because i love it, ever since i was in school i have enjoyed doing crafts. It started off being longstitches etc, then i got into making clothing and working with fabric and now i have tried out polymer clay

Do I Sell my creations?
I am selling my items on etsy and on madeit. I would love to sell at the markets but i am still new to the world of selling and dont have a lot of stuff in my stores yet. I do have a website but am also yet to add items to it hopefully i will have this up and running soon. Sometimes i find it hard once i make something to then part with it but the reality of it is you just can't keep everything you make. It soon takes over your house.

What Mistakes have i made?
I think it's important to spend just as much time working on your craft and ideas as much as it is to list items and spend time on the computer. Sometimes you get so caught up trying to sell your items that you don't get to spend enough time doing what you love. I know i am guilty of this. I find it hard to keep up with creating, listing items, keeping my blog up to date and posting in the forums. I don't know how one person does all of this.Polymer Clay Christmas Tree Earrings

What's Next?

Well for this year i would like to get my website up and running and branch out a little in terms of i would like to sell fabric and beads along with my handmade items. I am hoping to build on sales and go to some markets to start selling.



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  1. Love the Christmas earrings! Best wishes to Karmann in her crafting adventures!



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