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Creating Success around the World -Elbie Sparks

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Today's guests are Vaughan and Nic from Elbie Sparks 
    in Western Australia

Elbie Sparks is the handmade designer range of greeting cards, art prints and posters by Vaughan and Nic Ransley. From retro inspired pieces, crisp contemporary items to bright cheerful children's designs, our work reflects our eclectic range of inspirations and interests.
We've always enjoyed crafting original cards and prints for our family and friends. People kept urging us to make our designs available for sale and we started doing just that in late 2010. Coming up with new ideas then making those ideas come to life is enjoyable for us. Having a creative outlet like this has been great for us as a family. We have a studio space in our home and the whole family often ends up in there, each working on their own creation, be it a greeting card design, a painting or in the case of our youngest, his current favourite, cutting up paper into as many pieces as possible.

In our home town of Busselton we sell at markets and we have our range available at the local art gallery. Online we sell our designs mainly through Madeit and we have been so pleased by the response we've received. We've tried other venues and have recently decided to focus mainly on Madeit and it is a decision we haven't regretted.


One of the first things we had to learn was not to be apologetic about our pricing, we had to price our products realistically and take into account our supply costs and time. We realised very quickly that we couldn't possibly compete with the price of many greeting cards in stores. Our product is made by us from concept to final product and customers who buy our cards appreciate and understand that.

We also had to learn to divide our time up more reasonably. When we first started Elbie Sparks we spent every waking moment on the computer working but we quickly realised it wasn't something we could maintain. At the moment Elbie Sparks is not something we can do full time, we have day jobs to go to, a household to run and two children with ASD to keep happy and healthy. We have become much better at time management and fulfilling all these aspects of our lives.

People often buy our cards and tell us exactly who they are going to give it to, "This is the perfect card for..." and this is a success for us every time it happens. When people appreciate our design and love what we do we feel successful. We're very serious about our brand and we're going to keep growing and building Elbie Sparks. Hopefully one day we'll be able to be creative all day every day and that would certainly mean the ultimate success for us - having Elbie Sparks be what we do for a living. For now though we celebrate each little success.

We've so many plans and the ideas board is bristling as always. We'd love to start working on selling our designs in more retail stores. There are dreams of a range of children's stationery i.e. notebooks, pencil cases etc. and also fabric, duvet covers, cushion covers and more. Vaughan is painting again and is planning to exhibit his work in the near future, so there is a lot happening in our studio. There have been discussions about children's books too so we'll see what happens, one day at a time.

Thanks Vaughan and Nic for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us!
Do go and say hi to them at their website and check out more of their wonderful creations!

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