Sunday, February 19, 2012

Habits and routines!

Ok first things first - I fixed the mat on my mini tramp!  This has needed doing for MONTHS, and I promised last week that I'd post a picture of it fixed!  Well, it did take me all week to get around to it, but I knew I had to get it done to post it here, so...

This was it last week!

And now..

Yippee!! Now I can get back to some bouncing here and there which is great exercise - and good for general health and well being too!

For my exercise this week I really feel like I'm into the routine of exercise every day. I find myself wanting to run or workout now instead of having to make myself do it!

This week I did:
Monday: Spartacus weight's circuit
Tuesday: 15 min, 3 km run on treadmill
Wednesday: 30 min cycle on exercise bike
Thursday: 28 min, 5km run outside, then 15 mins swim 
Friday: Spartacus
Saturday: 28 min, 5km run outside
Sunday:  we're out at our daughter's first swimming carnival today, but I'm hoping to be back in time for aquathon training again! Loved it last week!

Phew! I'm pretty pleased with that!
So , more of the same next week: again exercise every day, Spartacus at least twice and at least 3 runs and one swim included.

This week I've been reading Cathy Freeman's autobiography (Australian Aboriginal 400m Olympic Gold medalist) too - which has been inspiring and motivating me!

Another routine, or 'habit' I'm slowly getting into, is being tidy! I'm into my 11th day now of my 21 days to form a habit challenge. I've been posting new pictures of my tidy surfaces on my facebook page every day! and not only is my house tidier, but my head feels clearer too!

A good week all round!  Looking forward to another great week!

How about you - did you have a good week?


  1. wow that's an amazing set of workouts you've accomplished. i'm so impressed! i have some bad habits that need changing... going to check out that 21 day link for certain!

    it's nice when things are going your way. it means all the hard work is paying off which just feels great.

    this was a hard week for me but I'm not going to let that stop me. just going to keep at it and get past it. :)

    have a great week!

    1. Thanks Michelle - we all have those tough weeks - it's just trying not to let them spill over into the next week that's important! Have a good one!

  2. Very impressed by the amount of exercise you are doing! I just got a mini trampoline last week and am loving it, just need to stick with it, maybe the 21 days to form a habit would work for that as well...!


    1. Thanks Alison! Enjoy your mini tramp - I love mine and the health benefits are supposed to be amazing!

  3. Very impressive, Jill. Even though my husband was away last week and the kids and I were sick, I managed to do some light weights three nights for 15mins or so. Not bad, considering, lol. It's when I stop totally, that it makes it hard to start again! Tash

    1. Good for you Tash! You're certainly right about it being hard to start up when you totally stop!

  4. You have had a great week!! Congrats!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry Jill! I ate some letters. So I put them back. :)

  6. Hello Jill!
    I always wanted to have a body like the actresses from the movie. I try to make something for this and after a while I give up.
    I like to make exercises but I don't have ambition.
    But since you started I look at you and today I decided to start again.
    You inspired me. This time I want to go on.
    I stayed on the bicycle only 6 minutes. I couldn't stay more. But it's a start. And I know that tomorrow I will stay more than that.
    I don't like to eat fruits and vegetables, but from today I will eat.
    For the moment I ate a banana and a turnip.
    I will look at you every day and I'll do something for my object.
    Thank you so much Jill!
    Thank you for the motivation!
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Good for you Flory! When I started out running - I couldn't even make it as far as the local shop (less than 5 minutes away). It doesn't take long to get into it once you get started! Keep it up!!


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