Thursday, February 23, 2012

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My daughters both swim after school.  They have been swimming since they were born, and both love it.
Last weekend they both entered their first swimming carnival which although they did find a little daunting as two of the youngest swimmers there - they thoroughly enjoyed!
We came away with participation ribbons - and a medal!  Much to the thrill of my daughter and pride of her parents and sister!!

This win has resulted in an increased desire to swim more and this week we've been every day after school!

I realised that of all the bags I've made for them for every possible occasion and use, I haven't made them swimming bags!  How could I have missed that?

For the last few years they've been using pink shopping bags for their swimming gear!
So, I decided to rectify the situation and make them their own special swimming bags!

Big enough to fit in their flippers, swimmers, goggles and towels.

Net along the bottom so the water can drain away when they get stuffed full of their wet gear!
And their names on the front so they don't lose them or get them mixed up!

I'm pleased with the bags - and will be posting a tutorial on how I made them next week!

What bags have you made for your kids?

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  1. Great idea with the netting at the bottom! They look awesome.

  2. Swimming bags are a great idea, I'm like you, I've made a million bags, but always grab plastic/shopping bag for the kids swimming gear. I'll be watching out for that tutorial I think!

  3. These look great Jill and such a good idea putting the netting on the bottom of the bag. I bet the girls just love using them. I've made both of my girls library bags, and a handbag each for birthday presents, girls love bags don't they:)

  4. Jill~ I love how you find ways to make things for your girls that are useful and kind. :) How are those kitchen counters coming? ;) Tomorrow will be two weeks. I am not cheating and know this will really help me once the 21 days is over to curb the sugar intake, however I do look forward to eating bread items again!!!! I miss my tea with something fun to eat with it. ~ Happy sewing and creating to ya.

  5. Well done to the girls! The net idea is great. It allows the clothes the breathe too. I'm thinking of using this idea for my son's football gear so looking forward to your tute :-)


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