Friday, March 9, 2012

Always learning and adjusting goals

Yep - that's me! - and my little moment of fame getting in the monthly glossy supplement magazine of our local paper!
Felt like a bit of a star the day it came out, with lots of texts and messages from friends to congratulate me!  All very exciting!
And hopefully it will have brought a few more visitors to my blogs!!

That was a nice boost in the middle of a busy week!


 Now, I know I have a tendency to get a bit carried away sometimes - and to bite off more than I can chew.
After my success with 21 days to form a habit - and keeping my surfaces clean in my house (still clean and tidy now!), I decided that for the next 21 days I would take action every day to grow my blogs!  Great - apply the same principal and work hard to give them a big boost!

Well - ok, so this one is easier said than done.  I already work on my blogs every day - writing posts, working on advertising, layouts, projects to sew, tutorials etc etc.  Of course I didn't count any of this as taking action (silly me!!)- and planned to do MORE every day - specific to making my blog grow.

Well, this hasn't worked quite as planned!  I have to accept that what I'm already doing is growing my blog - by being consistent in posting - quality posts, working on promoting my advertisers and sponsors. Really this is already a habit.

I have to just keep up the hard work, and not expect a quick fix (like work really hard for 21 days and see a massive difference!!)

But something really positive that has come out of this week - I participated in Blogelina's 100 comments on my blog post event.

I signed up and commented on the 130 or so other blogs in my group.  Initially I was a bit disappointed in this.  So many of the blogs were not really ones I was interested in, or at all similar to mine.  It made me wonder if all that effort was worthwhile. Would those who came to my 2 blogs do any more than leave their necessary comment and then go away never to return?

The more I worked my way through the list - the more blogs I found that I DID like, and were interesting and relevant to me!  Fortunately from the comments I have received on my posts - some others have felt that my blogs are interesting and relevant to them and they will come back.

Best of all - over the last few days, the number visitors to my second blog - Be Our Best has grown quite significantly.  The usual traffic has doubled, and on a couple of days even more than tripled!!  Since I've done no other promotion of that blog this week - I have to put it down to the 100 comments on my blog event!  
So now with that great boost in my stats, I'm motivated to do some more for that blog.  As soon as I noticed the jump - I sat down and wrote a new post, and already have more ideas popping up in my head!  It's amazing what a rise in your visitor stats can do for your motivation !
So now I just have to keep it going!

Sorry, but my 21 days to boost my blog I'm scrapping.  I think it's important to be able to realise when something isn't right and not working and to move on.

All in all a great week for my blog - lots of learning and a little growth! What more could I ask!

I hope your week has been good too!


  1. That is a smart decision, Jill - you are already going pretty much full speed ahead as far as I can judge.

    Fabulous magazine feature - hooray and yippee skippee!!! You look sooo cute and cool. I just lovelovelove it when nice people get noticed.

  2. Fabulous, my congratulations on the stellar appearance in the magazine.

  3. It is good to have goals...and it is also good to know when to move on from a goal that is not working.

  4. Congrats on your magazine feature

  5. Oh you are too cute! Good to see what you look like in real life, Congratulations!

  6. First of all congrats on the you are famous! Second of all thanks for dropping by my blog..I think you got a really interesting blog. i am going to follow you. I will look out for your linky party as well and add you to my links. I like your determination and motivation. I wish i have more time to develop my blog. I am so busy with kids activities that i have so little time. But i think i enjoy making things more. To be able to share it on my blog is a great feeling. Have a nice weekend!



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