Sunday, March 18, 2012

Focus and specifics!

At the moment I feel like I'm in good shape physically. I'm exercising lots, eating well and feeling as fit as I have in years.  I'm running 3, 5 and 10 km loops comfortably in faster times than I ever have; completing my Spartacus weights circuit with more reps and working harder than ever, and my swimming is becoming easier and stronger.

My goal of running the annual Pyramid race in 2 hrs this year is starting to feel very possible (even though this is MUCH faster than my previous best of 2.5 hours).

But this week I realised that I haven't been doing really any hill training yet - which is kind of important for a hill race!

So just to feel like I'd done something - after a run the other day, I decided to just do 10 minutes of step-ups on the edge of our patio.
10 minutes wasn't hard, my legs felt good and I spent that 10 minutes thinking about how I could make the exercise harder in the weeks to come - when it's too wet and soggy to get outside and run up actual hills.
THEN, I woke up the next day to sore calf muscles.....which gradually felt more sore over the day!
OUCH!! Just walking hurt!

1 hour of running is no problem! but
 10 minutes of step ups = AARRGGHH!!

It made me realise that just because you can do one thing - doesn't automatically mean you can do another similar one!

So yes, I feel like I'm fit now, but I think it's really time for me to focus specifically on my goal of getting up and down that mountain in the time I want to - and working the right muscles for that.

I guess it's like any goal in any aspect of life. You have to know exactly what you want - and focus on working specifically towards that. 

So this week - I'm going to start on my uphill training! Seeing what creative ways I can do this - while it's wet and soggy outside!

Hope you've all had a great week!


  1. Bit soggy this moring Jill. Sounds like you are right on track with your training.....well done.

  2. You are definitely right. You can bit fit for one activity but completely unfit in another.

  3. You are definitely on the right track...good luck on the cross training,


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