Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Creative space

This week I've been busy working on a new pattern.  It's not quite there so I can't show you it just yet!
Instead I thought I'd show you my lovely workspace:

I love being able to take my cutting out - outside in the sunshine and fresh air!

Unfortunately at the moment - it's not so inviting..

It's the wet season here - lots of wonderful, powerful rain

And so I'm sewing, and cutting out...inside!!

If you want to see some real creativity this week - then head on over to Our Creative Spaces - there's always loads to see there!


  1. What a gorgeous space you have, when it is not raining!

  2. I love been able to work outdoors, my wee studio is a converted shed in my back garden and it's truly magical to open up the double doors and breath in fresh air while working. Hope the rain eases for you soon.

  3. Ah, the magical changeability of the tropics! I love rainy storms.

  4. Having a space outside that you can use...bliss!! I have one too and I love it.
    And as for the rain...we need it desperately...send it on over!!


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