Sunday, March 4, 2012


Ok, after last week's successes in my fitness regime - pushing myself to better times and higher levels, I felt a bit flat this week.

I had thought that I'd just continue pushing and continue improving, but then reality set in.  
Somehow I don't think my recovery is quite as fast as it was when I was younger.  I had a great week - but my body then needed several days to recover!

This week I rested Monday, then, it was our 10th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, so ... I rested.  On Wednesday I tried to get on the treadmill and have a run, but my legs felt heavy, and I just didn't have it in me.  I did manage a short run and a walk so at least I did something.
Then on Thursday I mowed the lawn in a break from the rain.  We have quite a large grassy area, and it was very long and still a little soggy, so it was hard work pushing through it - and not a bad workout.
Friday - again, rest!

So I woke up Saturday finally feeling like exercising again, got up and did a 9km run, in one of my best times ever and felt great!
Today it's aquathon training again - and I'm going with my eldest daughter (aged 8) who is going to push me in the swimming (she's far better than me at that). She won her school aquathon race this week by a mile, so her confidence is up and she's raring to go!

So I learnt this week to accept that yes - I can push myself, and I can improve, BUT I then have to accept that my body needs a decent amount of recovery time afterwards!

For next week then - moderation. I still want to push to improve - but maybe not in every session! I'm not 18 years old any more!
At 38, I don't feel that old - but am starting to notice a difference now!  Boo hoo!!

I also have to accept that I am making progress even if I don't see a result every training session. It all takes time.

I can also relate this to other areas of my life - like trying to grow my blog. There are days when I see a big influx of new readers - for example when one of my tutorials gets featured on a bigger site - and I get all excited to see that growth, but then other days there is no specific signs of growth and it makes me feel flat!  I have to remember that it all takes time - growth and progress is happening even when you can't see it!

Hope you've all had a good week! 


  1. I do the same thing with my blog (and I am much smaller than you). You get a little thrill when there is an influx and then there is nothing for a few days.

    Good on you for listening to your body and resting when you need.

  2. Ah, the roller coaster of it all! I'm glad you are giving yourself permish to rest once in a while, dear Jill!

  3. Keep motivated. It will do your body good for years to come. But rest is also good, too. Congratulations on your anniversary. We celebrated our 10th last year. It's a good mark.

    By the way, what about a button I could put up on my page. I only see the linky button but what about one for just display on my blog roll? Something like that could help with growing. I'm not expert but just a thought. I'd put it up and maybe others might, too.

  4. Good to hear this Jill! Since I have little time for exercise (except for my short walks) I tried dieting and sugar highs and lows are doing errr... great things for my mood. You go girl! Keep it up!


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