Thursday, April 19, 2012

Froggy Swimathon

This weekend, my eldest daughter and I are taking part in a 24 hour Swimathon to raise funds for MS.  

Our team is called the Freddo Frogs (named after a chocolate bar):

We're looking to have lots of fun, dressing up, and swimming all day and night.
I've made a froggy cap that we'll each wear now and again as we swim, and a couple of swimming froggy mascots for our team.

We also have some younger kids coming to do two relay swims, so I thought I'd make them up some froggy participation medals as a little reward for their efforts!
They have a little pocket - so we can slip in a chocolate Freddo Frog for each of them!

Maybe I should make them for the adults too....

Wish me luck for the swim- my daughter and I are rostered on for several swims throughout the 24hours - including 2-3am!  
Hopefully we get plenty sponsors and raise lots of money for such a great cause!

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  1. What a great parent-child activity. Fun and promotes good character.

    Those pouches are fun too. I am sure you'd better make a few extra.

  2. My kids love Frodos. Good luck with the swim. The wee pouches with pockets for Frodos are lovely!

  3. Hope the swim went well, you must be exhausted!


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