Friday, April 13, 2012

Pic Monkey - an alternative to Picnik

With Picnik closing in just under a week now, I thought it was time to look for a photo editing alternative!

My girls are still on school holidays until next week, so I've got limited time to play around on the computer just now.

I did have a quick play with PicMonkey, which does seem very good.
Plenty to play around with - although some of the features do say they are free "for now" which suggests that at some point they will start charging for at least some of the fancier features.

What alternatives have you found to Picnik?
Do let me know if you know of another good free one !

Hope you all have a great weekend! We're having a family fun weekend to celebrate my daughter's birthday, and I'll be back on Monday!


  1. I use Picknik also, I have yet to try picmonkey. I may have to get around to trying it..thanks for reminding me of their closing.

  2. I have 19 free ones listed on my blog:

  3. The last 2 times since PicMonkey has started charging for most of it's editing tools, has not worked at all. It won't even allow me to upload a photo even after switching browsers, deleting cookies, refreshing browser. Also, on the contact us which is on the Legal Schueff page, it will NOT allow you to send an email and there is no phone, fax or email address or any other contact info whatsoever. I also noticed when I DID get to upload & edit a photo, if I wasn't a "PAID, Upgraded Subscriber," the features (all 4 of them) would just quit working in the middle of editing, unless I completely backed out & deleted my cookies. It's as is they record your IP address then block you from using to force you to upgrade. Not cool. If Google buys them out, I'll completely boycott. Google's very invasive, just like Facebook.


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