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Creating Success around the World - Belinda from Studio Astratta

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Today's guest is Belinda from Studio Astratta
    in Brisbane, Australia

What do you create? 
I create acrylic abstract paintings (‘astratta’ means ‘abstract’ in Italian) on canvas. My ‘Different Strokes’ collection is rich in textures and metallic accents while ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’ features words and inspiring quotes. I also have a collection of mini canvases on easels, ‘Good Things Come in Small Packages’, displaying lovely little quotes. 

An oriental inspired painting from Studio Astratta’s ‘Different Strokes’ collection

Why do you create? 
After moving from Sydney to Brisbane in 2010, I began painting in an attempt to fill the empty walls of my home – but when I ran out of walls I didn’t stop! My favourite part of abstract painting is experimenting with textures and finding ways to incorporate quotes. I’ve always had a passion for creating beautiful things. As a child I would make crafty bits and pieces and sell them to family and neighbours! Before I began painting I designed and created jewellery. 

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? 
Yes! I sell my artworks online through my store at
My mini canvases on easels are really popular – they make great gifts.

One of Studio Astratta’s mini canvas and easels.

I am currently donating 10% of all sales made until 30 September to Motor Neurone Disease Association Qld. This is a cause that is close to my heart because MND has taken away my Dad’s ability to speak, swallow properly, hold his head up, and basically his independence. I hope that this contribution, however small, will help raise funds to provide care, find the cause and find a cure.

 What mistakes have you made or lessons have you learned? 
I’m sure I will make plenty of mistakes and learn lots. So far I have learned that it’s really important to be organised and manage my time, otherwise I can easily find myself up all night trying to get everything done. I have also learned that I need to work on taking better photos of my paintings – sometimes my pictures just don’t do the paintings justice at all! Being part of the forum has provided access to great resources and opportunities for me. I have met some lovely people and learnt a lot from them.

What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?
I am only just starting out but hopefully I’m on my way to success. I have had some small successes so far but the ultimate success for me will be when I am making regular sales, both online as well as to stores, and getting lots of positive feedback on my work.

Belinda preparing to drizzle paint over a painting.

So what's next? 
At the moment, I’m trying to find time to create lots of paintings and raise as much money as I can for Motor Neurone Disease Association Queensland. In the not too distant future I would love to begin selling through gift and homewares shops in addition to my online store. I also want to learn more and continue to try new things in my paintings.

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Thanks  for your lovely answers - and for sharing your beautiful work with us!
Do go and visit Belinda's lovely madeit store and check out more of her wonderful creations! 

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