Thursday, July 26, 2012

Using the walls

This year one of the things I want to acheive is to declutter and better organise my house. Slowly I'm getting small bits done, and this week I completed a whole wall for my girls..

This wall in the corridor was used to display the girls artwork from kindy and then the first couple of years of school.  Now they are getting a little older - they bring home a LOT less artwork, but their sporting achievments are providing us with a different kind of thing to display!

Here's how they were storing their medals and ribbons before..
Stuffed in a bag, in their bedroom.

Now I think this is a real shame - they get these beautiful ribbons, medals and trophies to reward and encourage them, but never really get to look at them or show them off.

A few weeks ago I found some of these shelves in our local hardware store.

Best of all they were on special for just $2 for a pack of 3 shelves...and then scanned for just $1.50 - that's only 50c per shelf! What a bargain!

I found an old tin of stain and varnish in the shed and set to work.

For the ribbons, I decided to use a couple of old canvas prints, which I covered with some plain fabric from my stash.
The ribbons could then just be pinned onto the front.

Once I'd varnished the shelves, I got out my drill and bits and pieces..

And before putting the shelves up on the wall, added some hooks under them for hanging the medals.

My girls were really excited when they got home from school to find their new wall display.
I added the World map underneath as we were looking for a prominent place to put this to help them learn where various countries are.

It's a great place to have it for the upcoming Olympics - which I'm sure will provide some great opportunities for finding countries on the map.
Then as my eldest daughter pointed out, they can look where in the world they themselves win medals in future!

One small organisational victory in my house! And at a nice cheap budget too!

To see what others have been up to in their creative spaces this week, grab a cuppa and head on over here..


  1. Great idea! Medals and ribbons should definitely be shown off.

  2. Love that! Yay for your athletic girls, so cool that you are supporting their achievements and crafting at the same time. Those shelves are nifty!

    1. Thanks Mich! There's always room for crafting everywhere!! :)

  3. what a great way to see all their accomplishments!

    1. Thanks! The girls are pretty happy with it - and I'm thinking of sneaking my fun run medals onto some of the hooks too! Mine are still in a bag in my drawer!


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